GAZIYURT Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
KINIK KONSERVE FOR CANNED FOOD tomato paste, pepper paste, sauces, dried vegetables, dried fruit, tomato sauce, pepper sauce, pickle
DONE CANNED FOOD TOMATO PASTE gherkin pickles, cucumber pickles, mixed pickles, pepper pickles, hot pepper pickles, cabbage pickles, vine leaves in brine, hot pepper souce

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LENTEKS FOOD AND AGRICULTURE PRODUCTS TRADE LTD CO. is the leading pulses producer and exporter located in Gaziantep - Turkey. In 1960, The cofounder Salih Kilic 's taken the basics and continuing management of his sons since then the mission of the company is always supply the highest quality with delicious tastes to its loyal and valuable customers. LENTEKS has modern facilities with Professional staff for the production of Red Lentils & Chickpeas. LENTEKS has become the leading exporter and exports to five continents with more than 100 kind of foodstuff items Pulses, Edible nuts,dried fruits, spices, edible oils, confectioneries and pasta under LENTEKS brand from 30 grams to 50 kgs consumer packages. Our company policy to produce the products which selected carefully at the growing regions, accordance to the national and international standards with hygiene rules and use the modern technology in order to supply our customers top quality.
METIN ZAFER LTD. “TROY®” is a well-known and a powerful establishment of which foundation began in 1989. Troy started their commercial life with some friendly connections in Europe and have rapidly ex
We are a firm based in the south of Turkey and are producer and seller of following food products: - black olives (produced in salt brine with the traditional turkish ''Gemlik Type'' fermentation method without any usage of caustic NaOH chemical. - green olives (Green scratched olives, sliced olives, Red pepper stuffed olives, almond stuffed olives etc.) - finest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with best aromatic note and chemical composition (we press our oils in our own mill). - finest quality extra virgin olive oil with best aromatic note and chemical composition. - 100% organic oils like nigella seed oil, grape seed oil, sour pomegranate oil, safflower oil etc. - dried fruits and vegetables like dried figs, dried apricots, dried raisins, sultanas, dried tomatoes, dried eggplants, dried pepperonis etc. - 100% natural olive oil soap
Started business in 1994 Kinik Konservecilik Gida San.A.S. is a plant mostly producing Tomato Paste. Our plant is within the boundaries of Izmir and it is at Kinik town of Bergama. Its production capacity is 20.000 tons per year which 9.000 tons belongs to aseptic paste. Other products besides paste, are lombardy pepper, pepper cooked on top of live coal and capija pepper, various vegetabe preserves and various cooked food preserves. 80% of the prodcution is exported.
We export mainly to European countries.
The quality of our products are approved by ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates. In order to increase our product variety, we aim at continuous development.

In every stage of production, our conscious and trained staff follow the latest technology, yet keeping in mind the concept of quuality under control and environmental awareness. Giving maximum importance to the customer satisfaction, our company pledges that we shall be follower of that mission always.

Our products;
Season in Tomato Paste production (July), production of Lombardi Pepper (June),
Production of Grilled and Capija Pepper (August-September)
Poduction of various vegetable canned food (Spring and summer month)
In various canned prepared food stuffs (Production during 12 month)
DONE KONSERVECILIK was established in 1980.
We are producing all kinds of canned food, products in brine and pickles.
With the new factory inaugurated in 2002 at the town of Kemalpasha-Izmir boosting our food production and market share.
Thus we had another opportunity to benefit from the experimence of 29 years.
We are producing all kinds of Turkish style pickles, vine leaves in brine roasted capia pepper, hot pepper souce, canned food that′s (peas,diverse, okra, bean, corn, kernel, etc...) plus the German style sweet and sour pickles.
Now, we are exporting our products to most of European contries, Russia, the Balkans, Arab Countries and Northern Cyprus.
The quality of our products awarded with ISO 9001:2000 and HCCP and EN ISO 22000:2005 certificates.
As Yonca Food, we are proud of having wide range of manufacturing sites for edible oils, olive oils, canned vegetables-fruits, ketchup - mayonnaise, tomato paste and tomato products, dressings, sauces, roasted vegetables and various pickle products. Below Yonca products are representing our milestones in manufacturing. Yonca presents its all product range to whole world, since the time they have born in our production lines!
It is everyone's right to consume healthy and reliable food. As a family of seasonal spices, we try to ensure that every consumer is able to do this by producing in the best quality in hygienic condit